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Top Career Trends for Engineers

Forging a successful career as an engineer requires you to stay abreast of the latest trends in a constantly changing industry. Honestly, this same concept applies to any of the fields under the STEM umbrella. Any failure to stay engaged by learning new technologies and methodologies puts your career at risk of stagnation.

What follows are a few of the latest trends affecting the engineering and technology worlds. Keeping your professional life on an upwards track requires you to take heed of the latest in the engineering field. Ultimately, this knowledge helps you climb your career ladder.

Lean Six Sigma Helps Optimize Engineering Processes

In the industrial engineering space, companies remain on a quest to improve the efficiency of their processes. One of the ways they achieve this goal is by adopting the Lean Six Sigma methodology. Nearly one-quarter of all open engineering positions require experience in either Lean, Six Sigma or a combination of the two.

In short, make sure you familiarize yourself with this family of engineering methodologies.

Consider Becoming a Freelance Engineering Consultant

If you enjoy being on the cutting edge of the engineering field by working with different companies and technologies, being a freelance engineer is worth considering. Technology organizations increasingly look for free agent engineers to finish an important project or close a technical skills gap. This trend provides a great opportunity for engineers who want some variety in their career.

Robotics, AI and Automation Grow in Importance

AI, machine learning, robotics and automation continue to exert a transformative influence across the business world. Engineers remain at the front lines of this major shift, helping to make these nascent concepts become reality. Experience as an automation engineer or an industrial control designer is a definite plus in the current job market.

The Industrial Internet of Things

Sure, home automation gets a lot of publicity, but the industrial world is where the Internet of Things is truly making a difference. In fact, the Industrial Internet of Things even earned its own acronym – IIoT. In manufacturing sites, the IIoT combines with the robotics and automation discussed earlier to make processes safer and more efficient. Engineers play a big role in designing these systems and making them work. It’s good experience to earn.

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