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Time to Quit? Five Signs It’s Time to Switch Jobs.

Whenever your IT job seems like a grind, your thoughts might turn to finding a position with another company. The reasons for this professional malaise are numerous – poor manager, long hours, boring work, or possibly something else. You need to determine if this is a temporary feeling or a real trend requiring you to switch jobs.

What follows is a look at some of the signs you may need to look elsewhere to keep your tech career trending upwards. It’s important not to make a hasty decision that causes you regret a few years down the road. Leverage these insights to ensure you make the right choice.

Chronic Professional Unhappiness

If you dread coming into the office each morning, and this feeling shows no sign of abating, switching jobs is likely in order. Try to analyze the reasons to make sure they are related to work. Working on your own technology projects at home – and enjoying the effort – is a good sign your day job is to blame.

A Toxic Work Environment

While many technology firms understand the importance of building a welcoming company culture, some don’t. When your work environment is filled with toxicity, including poor management and gossipy co-workers, look for the closest exit. Your IT career needs to be nurturing and rewarding – don’t settle for less!

Your Tech Skills Are Growing Stagnant

Always learning new technology skills remains an important part of any IT career. If you are beginning to feel stagnant – only working with older technologies – a job switch should be considered. This rule also applies if your current employer doesn’t offer training or tuition reimbursement.

Insufficient Feedback From Managers

Working day to day without any meaningful feedback from your managers simply isn’t acceptable. When they are uncommunicative or won’t meet with you, it’s a good sign to look elsewhere. The top technology firms understand the importance of timely employee feedback.

No Room for Advancement

If you want to move into management or even a senior technology role, and those opportunities are lacking at your current employer, look elsewhere. Exude confidence in your abilities and another company will likely take a chance on you. Climbing that career ladder is important.

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