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What is Your Body Language Saying During Interviews?

Of course, a top-notch interview performance helps seal the deal when applying for a great technology position. While being able to clearly explain your tech skills and professional experience is vital, displaying positive body language also plays an important role in a successful outcome. Slouching, speaking too quietly and making little to no eye contact are things to avoid.

Let’s take a closer look at the role of body language during an interview. Learn the best way to present yourself in a positive manner to earn the IT job offer of your dreams. Soon, your career will reach another level.

Interviewers Recognize Poor Body Language

A recent survey of hiring managers revealed a few examples of poor interview body language as reasons an offer wasn’t extended. Two-thirds stated failure to make eye contact; one-third noted poor posture; and nearly 40 percent commented on a lack of confidence and the ability to speak clearly.

Other reasons related to body language included a candidate not smiling, giving a weak handshake or crossing their arms. It’s obvious – interviewers recognize poor body language. This remains a major reason otherwise qualified candidates don’t earn their desired technology job offer.

What Does Poor Body Language Mean?

With failure to make eye contact the prime reason a qualified candidate fails during an interview, you probably wonder what it says about the interviewee. Hiring managers feel it makes the candidate seem uninterested in the position, or worse yet, they are hiding something. “They seemed suspicious” is not the impression you want to give.

It is important to make natural eye contact whenever you are speaking or listening during the interview. Don’t stare – just treat it like a normal conversation with a professional colleague.

Smiling is also important during an interview. First, it makes you seem like a friendly person. Better yet, sharing a smile with the interviewer helps you relax throughout the entire process. It also illustrates how you can handle a stressful situation.

Interview Practice is Vital

Be sure to practice your interviewing techniques with a trusted friend. Use this opportunity to work on displaying positive body language. Focus on your posture, speaking clearly, and most importantly, making natural eye contact. Remember, an experienced technology recruiter serves as another excellent resource for advice on interview practice.

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