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Why Your Best IT Employees Are Quitting

Employee retention remains a vital part of any successful technology company. In a fierce competition for top IT talent, disgruntled employees generally find it easy to secure a new position with another company. Because of this cold, hard truth, you need to understand the reasons your best workers might be looking elsewhere to build their careers.

Here are a few insights on the reasons star technology employees are leaving their current employers. Use these ideas to keep your organization’s retention rate as high as possible. Your company’s bottom line depends on it!

Does Your Organization Provide Enough of a Career Ladder?

Technology professionals – especially millennials – tend to be ambitious when it comes to their vocation. When your company doesn’t do enough to develop the careers of its employees, it likely causes a retention problem among your top talent. Offering a robust training program along with tuition reimbursement as a benefit is a must.

That latter perk helps retain your workers, as the tuition benefit is typically offered contingent on the worker agreeing to stay with the company for a set period. Additionally, identify younger employees with managerial acumen. Offer them the opportunity to take on more responsibility.

A Positive Office Culture is a Must

HR studies generally agree that a poor office environment is a leading reason employees leave for other opportunities. Fostering a company culture known for inclusion, an open communication policy and timely feedback helps keep your best employees in house. Offering flexible work schedules combined with the ability to telecommute is another idea worthy of consideration.

Related to the last point: IT pros want a balance between their professional and personal lives. If your company doesn’t provide one, they will likely find an employer that does.

The Overall Stability of the Company

Technology employees need to feel their positions are secure. If your company remains on solid footing with a steady growth, this helps keep your best workers focused on their work. On the other hand, any perceived instability likely causes them to begin searching for another position.

This is another reason an open communication policy is a must. Don’t let watercooler rumors siphon the productivity of your office!

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