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Jobs in Science Exist Outside of Academia; Here’s How to Find Them

You worked on honing your science education; possibly even earning one or two advanced degrees. Even with this exemplary background, you really want to take your career to another level. In many cases, this means looking for positions outside of academia in the private sector.

Thankfully, talented science professionals are needed in a variety of sectors throughout the business world. Let’s look at a few strategies suitable for embarking on a job search to help find you the perfect position. Good luck in your efforts!

Leaving Academia for the Private Sector isn’t a Pipe Dream

Recent advancements in the technology world, like artificial intelligence and data science, increased the demand for tech professionals with a strong science background. If you are in academic position and hope for something different, it’s definitely possible to make the leap out of academia. Sarah Blackford, the chief of education and public affairs at the Society for Experimental Biology in the United Kingdom, offered some insights.

“So approach your career with your eyes open. Find out the reality of career sectors of interest. Do your own research, [and] don’t just listen to other people’s advice and opinions. Managing and taking control of your own career is vital,” said Blackford.

Lucrative Opportunities for Scientists Abound

Job opportunities for those with a science background aren’t limited to the technology sector. PhDs in a scientific discipline enjoy lucrative salaries, and the demand for these positions is expected to rise over the next decade, according to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics.

For example, the median yearly salaries for physicists, astronomers, and pharmacists with a PhD are all well into the six-figure range. The job outlook is also positive with growth either near or exceeding 10 percent on an annual basis. So the time is right for leaving academia.

Partner with a Recruiter Experienced in Finding Science Positions

Forging a partnership with a top notch recruiter who knows how to find science positions is a smart call. The best recruiters are those who previously worked with scientists first entering the private sector from academia. They also know the specific companies known for a welcoming culture where scientists make a great fit.

So go ahead and make that leap!

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