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4 Tips for Managing Remote Employees

The days of your entire IT team being in one office appear to be over. More tech companies are allowing their employees to telecommute either a few days each week or on a full time basis. This perk helps organizations build the kind of company culture able to attract and retain the top technology talent.

This approach to work requires extra effort from managers to ensure everyone on the team stays engaged and productive no matter their location, which might be anywhere on the globe. With a successful team in mind, here are a few tips on managing remote employees.

An Excellent Messaging App is a Must

Using an application specifically for business messaging is a must when managing telecommuters. Something like Slack, or even one with more of project management focus like Asana, is a wise choice. For software development teams, considering using a chatbot, so your team members are able to run builds and test scripts from within the chatbot interface.

The right app plays an essential role in keeping everyone connected and part of the same team. Use messaging as a way to maintain an open communication policy, just like if you were all in the same office. Also consider using a video chat app for meetings to build a sense of camaraderie.

Your Remote Employees Need Clear Expectations

It is important to set clear expectations for all your remote employees. This includes being present online for meetings and finishing their assigned tasks before their deadline. Once again, focused two-way online communication helps make this kind of management work for all.

Accommodate Different Schedules and Time Zone

Remember, your team might be separated by multiple time zones. Keep this in mind when scheduling online meetings. Ensure everyone is able to attend, but at a time that lets them be attentive and engaged.

The importance of collaboration in this era of Agile and DevOps in the IT world cannot be overstated. This interaction needs to happen in the same manner, be it remotely or in person. Considering the time zone of all your team members helps achieve this goal.

Trust Your Team to Keep Their Productivity Levels High

A measure of trust is essential when allowing employees to work remotely. When they understand your expectations of them, as mentioned above, it makes it easier to foster this trust as a two-way street. At the same time, leverage project tracking tools to ensure productivity stays high and deadlines are met.

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