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The Ultimate Guide to Recruiting Engineering Talent on LinkedIn

While LinkedIn serves as the preeminent social network for professionals, it also provides companies with a great resource for recruiting talent. It’s a complimentary service when your organization is looking for engineers. Perusing LinkedIn for candidates needs to be part of any engineering company’s staffing plan.

Let’s cover the best strategies for sourcing engineering candidates using LinkedIn. Leverage these insights to ensure your company’s staffing needs are handled both now and in the future. Follow this approach to employ the most talented engineering team possible.

Boost Your Company’s Presence on LinkedIn

Your organization needs to maintain an active presence on LinkedIn. This includes your engineers posting in related LinkedIn Groups. Be sure to reach out to engineering specific groups as well as any related to the technology scene in your company’s region.

It’s a strategy that plays a big role in advertising your company and its culture to potentially interested candidates.

At the same time, create your own company LinkedIn Group to publicize your projects, culture, and open positions. Expect interested engineers to join the group and potentially inquire about working with your organization.

Once again, make sure your engineers and other employees stay active on the group. Making the right cultural fit with candidates and new employees is a key factor to retaining their services over the long haul. A robust LinkedIn presence helps advertise your culture.

Respect the Time and Space of a Potential Candidate

LinkedIn provides a great means for sourcing passive engineering candidates. As such, your team also needs to respect the space of engineers currently working with other firms.

Stay professional and simply let the person know of your interest, whether or not they want to interview with you now. If they become available in the future, your organization likely ends up on their shortlist of potential new employers.

Consider Using LinkedIn Recruiter

LinkedIn Recruiter is a service provided by the social network to help match organizations with interested candidates, especially those who are passive. The service provides filters based on what your opinion of the ideal engineering candidate. You are able to base these filters from your top engineering employees’ own LinkedIn profiles.

Recruiter needs to be considered as part of your company’s overall LinkedIn presence. It’s not a full replacement for an experienced engineering recruiting firm like Synerfac, but it definitely helps increase your pool of candidates.

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