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8 Ways to Find the Perfect Tech Mentor

Having an experienced mentor means a lot for any technology professional, especially when at the dawn of your career. They provide advice when faced with a difficult problem on a project or even a potential job lead when looking for a new position. In short, they serve as a guardian angel to help keep your professional life on a path to success.

If you need a tech mentor to help your career, here are a few tips on how to find one. Ultimately, someone to guide you through the ups and downs of the IT world is simply invaluable.

Attend Industry Mixers and Other Events

Tech conferences and other industry mixers provide great opportunities to meet other professionals in your field. Once a connection is made, ask them if they are willing to serve as your mentor.

Consider a Fellow Alumnus From Your School

Finding out a new tech contact went to the same school is a perfect lead-in to see if they want to mentor you. Chances are good they’d be willing to help a fellow alumnus.

LinkedIn Provides a Great Source for Tech Connections

As the preeminent social network for professionals, LinkedIn is a great source for IT pros able to be your mentor. Consider reaching out to a connection belonging to the same LinkedIn Group as you.

Other Social Networks are Suitable for Networking

Don’t forget about Twitter or even Facebook as a potential source for a tech mentor. You never know when a contact turns out to be the perfect person as a source for help.

Ask a Friend for an Introduction

If a friend or professional colleague works with someone you want to be your mentor, simply reach out and ask them to introduce you. Be sure to return the favor whenever you get asked for an introduction.

Help Out at a Non-Profit

Non-profit and other charitable organizations regularly need technical assistance. This is another great way to meet like-minded IT pros, including some suitable for mentorship.

Consider a Tech Incubator

Tech incubators are great sources of networking contacts, especially those with an entrepreneurial spirit. If you boast a similar mindset, consider working at one of these incubators.

Keep Your Networking Shoes On!

Ultimately, your professional network is likely the most fruitful source for mentors. So constant networking simply raises your chances of find the perfect tech mentor for you.

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