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Your Liberal Arts Degree Could Be the Key to a Career in Tech

If you focused on something other than technology in college, that doesn’t mean your chances at an IT career are forsaken. In fact, soft skills continue to grow in importance throughout the technology world. Companies increasingly look for well-rounded candidates who boast more than just technical skills.

Let’s look more closely at how a liberal arts degree just might be your ticket to a rewarding career in tech. Perhaps all that time studying Shakespeare’s sonnets ends up paying off in the long run?

Liberal Arts Thinking Makes Tech Companies Wiser

George Anders’ 2017 book, You Can Do Anything: The Surprising Power of a “Useless” Liberal Arts Degree, provides keen insights on why tech organizations came to the realization that a staff filled with only tech graduates fails to provide the broad view needed in the modern technology world. Anders commented further to USA Today.

“It just seemed as if there was this tremendous disconnect between public rhetoric that said ‘you’ve got to go the STEM route and there is no route but STEM’ and then all of these interesting new job openings that were coming up for people with liberal arts degrees. It was this hidden strength of the economy that nobody wanted to write about or talk about,” said Anders.

Many technology firms need professionals with skills in marketing, user experience, and design. Finding talented candidates experienced in these areas becomes easier when broadening the search to consider those with degrees in English, the humanities, or social science.

The Soft Skills Needed in the Technology World

Today’s tech company wants employees skilled in analytics, problem solving, collaboration, and the ability to inspire others. Many liberal arts programs hone these abilities when considering the larger project work necessary for graduation. Collaborative experience is also especially important in an IT industry increasingly influenced by the Agile and DevOps methodologies.

Additionally, problem solving ability and creative acumen play an essential role in providing the big picture solutions that end up implemented by more technical employees. This well-rounded approach is one leading to success at many of the largest companies in the tech world.

So if you boast a liberal arts degree and are looking to work in technology, contact an experienced IT recruiter and begin your journey!

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