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Five Ways to Properly Set Your Career Goals

Sufficient planning is a key factor in building a rewarding professional life; one lasting until your day of retirement. This is especially the case in a technology industry known for massive changes on a regular basis. Having a plan helps you adapt, learn, and keep your career path trending upwards.

Setting goals – everything from short-term to those longer dreams – needs to be part of your career planning efforts. Here are a few tips to help supercharge your goal-setting process. Leverage these ideas for continued success – now and in the future.

Self-Reflection is an Important Start

Spend some time determining what you want out of your IT career. Do you aspire to end up in the corner office as a CIO, CTO, or even a CEO? Or is something that allows you to work more closely with technology more your speed?

This kind of self-analysis needs to be the first step in any goal-setting process.

Set Goals that Inspire and Motivate You

Now that you have an idea on an ultimate career path, take the time to set a few goals to inspire you to begin that journey. The most important thing is becoming motivated to achieve those goals. Start with one overarching long-term career goal combined with a few shorter-term goals to set you on a path to success.

SMART Goals are Essential

Consider the SMART acronym when going through your goal-setting process. SMART stands for: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-Bound. Using this approach helps ensure you are able to track your progress towards achieving your goals, especially those over the short-term.

Document the Goals and Track Your Progress

Make it a point to document your goals in writing. Using a spreadsheet for this purpose makes it easier to track your progress, especially when following the Measurable part of the SMART acronym. Feel free to collaborate with your manager on the documenting of any short-term goals relevant to your current position. Keeping them in the loop only helps!

Persistence is the Key to Success

Once your goals are documented and their progress is being tracked, staying persistent towards achieving them is vital. Refer to your spreadsheet every day, while making adjustments to the shorter-term goals as necessary. Use an action plan to keep making the right amount of progress.

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