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Times are Changing: How to Better Engage With Your IT Employees

In the current competitive environment for tech talent, keeping your employees inspired and engaged is a must. On one hand, when team morale is high, the organization’s productivity level also gets a boost. Also, staff retention also comes into play when considering the costs of finding and hiring somebody as a replacement.

Ultimately, the times are changing in more ways than one. Engaging with your technology staff is now more important than ever. Here are a few ideas on how to ensure your team stays professionally satisfied.

An Open Two-Way Communication Policy

Fostering open communication throughout the office offers numerous benefits to your technology business. Hold regular company meetings to keep everyone informed about news and project work. Be open to ideas from your employees on how to improve operations or other tech-related innovations.

Additionally, one-to-one communication is vital. Make sure your employees are happy and are staying on the right career path. Work with everyone to set meaningful goals while periodically checking on their progress towards achieving them. The days of the year-end review being the only opportunity for two-way feedback are over.

Provide Meaningful Work Opportunities

Studies show IT employees, especially those from the millennial generation, want to know their hard work matters. Offering meaningful project work lets everyone on your team feel they are making a difference.

At the same time, providing opportunities for charitable activities also keep everyone inspired, while raising the profile of your company in the community. It plays a big role in building a company culture able to attract the best technology talent.

Identify the Strengths of Each Employee

Work with your managers to analyze each employee with an eye on determining their strengths. Are some displaying leadership potential and ready for more responsibility, possibly management? Perhaps others prefer to stay closer to a technology role?

Knowing this information lets you tailor a path appropriate for their career growth; helping each worker achieve their full potential. Offering a generous tuition reimbursement policy along with a robust training program needs to be part of your overall employee development program. This is a key factor in growing the organization’s retention rate.

Consider all of these ideas as a strategy for keeping your staff engaged, inspired, and professionally satisfied.

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