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Résumé Red Flags IT Job Seekers Need to Avoid

Obviously, your résumé plays a massive role in any successful technology job search. It needs to clearly state your technical skills as well as the tangible professional experience acquired throughout your career. A well-crafted résumé serves as your calling card, whether you are actively looking for work or even when an interested recruiter finds you online.

When writing a résumé you need to be aware of a few red flags that might quickly disqualify your candidacy. Consider this advice to ensure you eventually get the tech job offer of your dreams. Good luck!

Poor Spelling and Grammar

A few spelling and grammatical errors on a résumé simply put you in a bad light, even when looking for work in the technology industry. Don’t trust your word processor’s spell check to find any issues. Closely proofread your CV for errors, and have a friend or colleague give it a review as well.

A Too Long Résumé

Remember, hiring managers may need to review hundreds of candidates for their open position. Because of this, they typically take a minute or two for an initial perusal. So try and keep your résumé to a single page; only using a second page if you boast significant professional experience. Brevity is the key!

Messy Formatting

Related to that last point, your résumé needs to clear and easy to read. Don’t use a mish-mash of fonts and date formats. Instead, leverage bolding to highlight the different sections of your résumé, with bullet points to denote your technical skills and significant achievements in your work history.

Not Targeting the Résumé for the Job in Question

When going for a specific tech position, make it a point to personalize your résumé for that job. This lets you highlight the specific tech skills and tangible experience that make a great fit for the job in question. Also, use a similar approach with each cover letter you send.

Honesty and Accuracy are Paramount

Expect any recruiter to fully vet your résumé, especially before a potential offer of employment. Needless to say, don’t exaggerate anything about your technical skills, educational background, or employment history. If any discrepancies or outright lies are found, your chances at a job offer become nil.

Remember, it’s easy to verify your background, so resist the urge to embellish anything about your past. It’s simply not worth it.

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