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Career Tips: The Best Ways to Reenter the Workforce

So you recently decided to reenter the technology workforce after a significant absence. Whatever the reasons for your sabbatical, it’s important to recharge your inspiration and sharpen your IT skill set. Crafting a plan to guide you through the upcoming job search is another must item on the to-do list.

Let’s review a few tips and insights on how to best return to the technology job market after taking a long break. Leverage these ideas to get back into a great position as soon as possible. Good luck in your efforts!

Create a Job Search Plan

Reentering the tech workforce without a roadmap simply won’t work. A well-considered plan identifies the IT role you are looking for, in addition to building a task list for success you need to execute step by step. The most important thing is deciding whether or not to branch out into a new technical discipline.

Get Training and Earn Certifications

If you decide to enter a new area of IT – one where you boast no previous experience – getting some training is a must. Additionally, you need to earn a certification or two in your area of study. This is also a good idea if you are staying within a similar technical discipline. Remember, the technology world changed while you were on a sabbatical!

Craft a New Résumé and Cover Letter Template

Write a new version of your résumé that highlights your technical skill set — both your newer skills and those from before your break. Try not to emphasize your time off in the work history section. Using the year without the month makes any gap in employment seem smaller.

Carefully explain the reasons behind your sabbatical in the cover letter template. Remember to tailor each cover letter for the specific position, while matching your skills with those needed for the new role.

Leverage Your Professional Network and Partner With a Tech Recruiter

Hopefully you stayed in contact with key members of your professional network during your sabbatical. If not, take the time to reintroduce yourself while explaining your current situation. Of course, networks are a great source of career advice and potentially a job lead or two.

Also partner with an experienced technology recruiter in your area. They are able to review your job search plan, résumé, and cover letter template. It’s the wisest choice when reentering the IT workforce.

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