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10 IT Leadership Mistakes You Don’t Have to Learn the Hard Way

The best technology leadership is one that stays proactive. Remember, mistakes are less costly when discovered early; this rule definitely applies to the IT world.

With a successful and productive team in mind, here is a list of leadership mistakes worth avoiding. Use the knowledge to make the right decision at the right time!

Not Appreciating Your Tech Employees

The fierce competition for the best tech talent makes retaining their services paramount considering the costs of the hiring process. Make sure your compensation and benefits are above average for your area. Also provide interesting work and a career ladder to success.

Failure to Keep Up With the Changing IT World

One constant in the tech industry is change. Your management team needs to plan for the future to prevent getting stuck with outdated tools and capabilities. A skills gap is fatal in IT.

Poor Communication

An open communication policy is a must in today’s technology office. Tech workers thrive on receiving meaningful feedback in real time, while also being able to offer their own opinions.

Using Outdated Methodologies

In a similar manner as the tech itself, IT project management methodologies constantly evolve. Using outdated ones like the Waterfall might put your firm at a disadvantage compared to shops using Agile and DevOps.

Ignoring the Open Source Movement

Open source software is behind many of the technology innovations of this century – LAMP anyone? The smart technology executive avoids vendor lock-in, while keeping an open mind about their platform and tool choices.

Hiring the Wrong Kind of Employee

Your company’s staffing plan needs to be focused on hiring employees with great technical skills that also fit within your office culture. Cultural fit plays a big role in your ability to retain talent, so don’t forget about that fact when conducting interviews.

Promoting the Wrong Person

One of your employees is a technical star with a superior productivity level than the rest of your team. That doesn’t necessarily mean they are skilled at managing. Make sure you always promote the right person for the job.

Thinking Agile Works in Every Situation

Not every new methodology is appropriate for all areas of IT. For example, using Agile doesn’t always work for the management of older core systems and applications.

Not Learning How to Say No

As an IT manager, you want to best serve the company’s interests. Sometimes this means telling your superiors, “No, that can’t be done.” The costs of a failed project are higher than one never started.

Sweeping Problems Under the Rug

In a similar manner, you need to be upfront with your bosses when problems arise. Trying to hide any issues is arguably the worse mistake you can make.

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