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Top Apps Every Engineer Should Use

Any engineer relies on a robust toolbox to boost their productivity by making their work a bit easier. Over the last decade, this tool collection has grown to include a variety of mobile apps. Apps help engineers with everything from performing a quick calculation to viewing an AutoCAD drawing – all while on the go.

Here is a list of some the top mobile apps for engineers. Whether for the iOS platform or Android, you are sure to find one to help you become more efficient at your job. Check them out!


An essential iOS app for mechanical engineers, iEngineer provides a robust database filled with screw and bolt information. U.S. screws are available in the free version of the app, while metric data is available through an in-app purchase. Expect detailed information on dimensions, material grades, 3D models of screw heads, and so much more.


Electrical engineers need to check out iCircuit. It’s a real-time circuit simulator available for the iOS platform for $9.99. The simulation engine includes 30 different elements used to build both analog and digital circuits, including an Arduino. Expect a mobile AutoCAD for circuit design; it even includes a virtual oscilloscope!

EduCalc Classic

Every engineer needs a free scientific calculator able to graph equations. EduCalc Classic is an iOS app that’s ad-supported; an in-app purchase is available to turn off the ads. Other features include constants for scientific calculations, a unit converter, and a robust reference covering everything from algebra to differential calculus.

RealCalc Plus

Engineers with an Android device needn’t feel left out. RealCalc Plus is similar to EduCalc Classic, but available on the Google Play store for $3.49. While it doesn’t offer graphing functionality, it provides scientific constants, trigonometry functions, as well as binary, octal, and hexadecimal conversions.

Engineering Codes and Standards

Standards and codes are part of an engineer’s daily routine. Engineering Codes and Standards is an Android app providing a reference suitable for mechanical, civil, piping, and electrical engineering. Best of all, the app is free, but ad-supported.

Mechanical Engineering One

Mechanical engineers need to check out Mechanical Engineering One, an Android app useful for solving many of the common problems faced on a daily basis. It includes reference tables, calculators, and converters. It’s another free app, so download it today.

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