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How to Prepare for the Departure of a Team Member

With employee retention as an important goal for most technology organizations, companies strive to build a welcoming culture able to keep talented IT professionals in house. However, all this well-meaning effort sometimes goes for naught. As such, in the event of a resignation among your staff, it becomes important to sufficiently prepare for the departure of a valued employee.

Here are a few ideas and insights on how to properly “offboard” a technology employee. Leverage these strategies to ensure your company stays running efficiently while you replace your team member.

Communicate the Resignation to the Rest of Your Team

Assuming the employee in question is professional and gave sufficient notice of their resignation as opposed to ghosting, you need to communicate news of their imminent departure to your other employees. Of course, the size of your organization influences how you let everyone know. Larger companies likely need to inform those on their project team before the rest of your staff.

Once this notification is complete and their final day at the office is determined – once again assuming they gave proper notice – planning for their offboarding process is able to begin.

Develop a Transition Plan

Having a transition plan for a departing employee is essential, as it helps to ensure no important tasks or knowledge gets lost. Obviously, their direct manager and closest coworkers play a key role in this process. If necessary, have someone shadow the departing employee through their typical workday to make sure nothing gets missed.

If the employee in question regularly communicates with clients or business stakeholders, informing those outside parties needs to be part of this plan.

Information Security Considerations are Important

Make it a point to work with the resigning employee’s manager to determine any information security risks to their departure. This includes passwords to company servers as well as remote access considerations. On their final day, ensure any company-owned mobile devices are returned, and their access to the building and technical infrastructure gets revoked.

Offer Congratulations and Schedule a Farewell Lunch

Assuming the employee is leaving on good terms, offer congratulations and take them out for one final lunch. This shows the kind of goodwill that’s an important part of fostering a positive company culture. Perhaps they may recommend your organization to one of their professional colleagues in the future?

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