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New Tech Skills You’ll Need in Your Next Job

The one constant in any IT career remains the never-ending change when it comes to technical skills. Some of the hottest technologies from a decade ago are simply afterthoughts in the current market – Flash or Microsoft Silverlight anyone? Because of this cold, hard truth, tech pros need to stay abreast of the latest innovations in the industry.

With a lifelong career in mind, here are some of the emerging tech skills you likely need for success in a future position. Leverage this information to come up with a plan for getting the training and certifications to keep your career trending upwards. Good luck!

Artificial Intelligence and its Related Offshoots

AI and related technologies like machine learning and deep learning continue to make a transformational impact across a wide array of business sectors. In healthcare, AI helps a doctor analyze an MRI for any anomalies. Chatbots powered by machine learning routines perform customer service functions in different industries.

In short, gaining the skills and tangible experience in artificial intelligence qualifies you for many IT job opportunities all over the country.

The Strong Demand for Cybersecurity Professionals

With hacking incidents regularly in the news, the demand for tech pros experienced in information security continues to grow. Companies are simply finding it difficult to recruit candidates with the right skills and experience.

Whether you are a network administrator or a software engineer, having some cybersecurity skills is a big plus for organizations. So consider taking a training class and earning a certification to prepare yourself for a strong market for candidates in this area.

Data Analysis and Data Science

Companies in multiple business sectors need help making actionable sense of all the data they retain. They turn to data analysts and data scientists to fill this important function at their organization. For both roles, possessing a strong understanding of database concepts combined with a keen sense of the business world helps make you a successful candidate.

Refine your skills in all things data to take advantage of the current robust demand for data professionals.

Don’t Forget Soft Skills

In addition to specific technical abilities, companies also want candidates with the soft skills that lead to success in the technology world. These include leadership, strong verbal and written communication abilities, an affinity for collaboration and teamwork, as well as problem-solving acumen.

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