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Is The Tech Industry Ready for Generation Z?

Successfully handling tech pros from the millennial generation tends to be a popular talking point among IT managers. But time continues to march on without fail, and those millennials in many cases are now holding leadership roles themselves. So, a newly emerging group of technology workers enters the fray – a cohort known as Generation Z.

What attributes does this post-millennial generation possess? Do tech managers and HR staff need to use a different strategy to recruit and retain these nascent IT professionals? Let’s look more closely at whether the tech industry is ready for Generation Z.

A Strong Affinity for Mobile Technology

More than any previous generation, Gen Z workers feel at home with mobile technology. In fact, a recent study revealed that 35.5 percent of Generation Z-ers spend anywhere from 6.5 to 10 hours each day on their mobile devices. If your organization specializes in mobile application programming, these are the workers you need for design, QA, and engineering.

They Want to Quickly Grow as Technology Professionals

Gen Z-ers want to learn everything about their chosen field as quickly as possible. Because of this, expect them to be attracted to companies known for their robust training programs and related perks, like tuition reimbursement. Make sure your organization provides this kind of career ladder to its employees for the best chance at hiring the latest generation of tech pros.

An Opportunity to Display Leadership and Responsibility

In a similar manner as millennials, Generation Z is known for workers with a strong desire for leadership and responsibility. While it’s not likely your company wants to hire someone straight out of college for a managerial role, keep an eye out for anyone with strong leadership potential. Keep them a chance for responsibility by letting them lead a small project or even serve as a ScrumMaster on a similar-sized initiative if you follow that methodology.

Let Them Offer their Own Unique Insights

We already mentioned Generation Z’s affinity for mobile technology. Because of it, Gen Z-ers tend to be more socially connected using technology compared to earlier generations. They are able to provide keen insights on this important area influencing most aspects of the current IT market.

Let them share their ideas during meetings and brainstorming sessions to truly take advantage of this unique perspective.

Find Top Talent

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