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Why Some Managers are Emphasizing Soft Skills in Tech

When looking for a great new job in the technology industry, of course, your technical skills and experience make a difference. In the modern tech world, however, hiring managers are now placing more emphasis on softer skills, like teamwork and leadership. In fact, you need to be a well-rounded candidate for the best shot at an interview and subsequent job offer.

Let’s look closely at the evolution of a candidate’s ideal skill set for today’s tech organization. Leverage these ideas to update your résumé, cover letter template, and overall candidate message before beginning your job search. Good luck!

The Modern IT World Thrives on Collaboration

The current technology industry is dominated by methodologies like Agile and DevOps that focus on teamwork and collaboration. This is a major reason you need to emphasize your affinity for working as part of a team. In short, the era of the lone cowboy programmer is long gone.

Additionally, appreciating being on a diverse team of tech talent is another attribute hiring managers want in their candidates. Ultimately, be sure to emphasize experiences as part of a collaborative team on your résumé and during interviews.

The Tech Industry Needs Problem Solvers

At the core of their abilities, the best technology professionals are problem solvers. This includes everything from a software engineer being able to quickly find a nasty bug in a web application to an application architect crafting a design that solves a pressing business issue for a client. Throughout your job search, be sure to highlight the resourcefulness, critical thinking, and creativity used to solve problems in your career.

Strong Communication Skills are Essential in Technology

No matter your professional role in the IT world, exemplary verbal and written communication skills are a must. Programmers need to be able to write useful requirements, specifications, and other documentation. Verbal communication is an essential ability for managers, as they work with both clients in addition to their direct reports.

Displaying Leadership When It Matters

Leadership ability in IT doesn’t only apply to those with a managerial title. This includes mentoring coworkers when working early in your professional life. Take any opportunity to show leadership throughout your career; once again, highlighting these experiences on your résumé and cover letter. Remember, companies also want some candidates with the ability to grow into a management position.

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