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Helpful Tips for Searching for a Job While Still Employed

There comes a time in anyone’s technology career where finding a new job is a must, especially if you work in a poor office environment. Depending on your current financial situation, simply quitting without something else lined up isn’t really an option. In this case, searching for a new IT job without attracting the attention of your bosses and coworkers becomes paramount.

With a successful – and discreet – tech job search in mind, here are a few tips to help you find a new position as quickly as possible. Leverage this advice to keep your career path trending upwards.

Don’t Tell Coworkers About Your Search

At the risk of stating the obvious, don’t tell any of your coworkers about your job search. This rule also applies to any trusted colleagues at the office. You just never know who might spill the beans, so to speak, and thus ruin your chances at a secret search. In fact, your current employer might even decide to fire you if informed.

Use Your Professional Network Instead of Online Job Boards

A professional network is likely the best source for leads when looking for a tech job in a discrete fashion. Simply posting your résumé to multiple online job boards gets you noticed by HR teams throughout the industry – including the one at your company! When reaching out to your network for potential opportunities, also be sure to use discretion, and ask the same of your contacts.

Ask to be Interviewed Outside of Office Hours

Showing up to work in a suit when your office has a casual dress policy is one obvious sign you are looking for a new job. Because of this, ask any company interested in you to schedule interviews for after-hours. A lunch interview is another option worth considering. Most companies understand your need for discretion and will accommodate your wishes.

Stay Focused on Your Current Assignments

Don’t let the fact you are looking for another position distract you from staying engaged with your current projects. Keeping focused and doing a great job remains an important part of being a technology professional. Slacking off at work also might raise the eyebrows of your bosses; giving them a reason to wonder about your loyalty and whether you are looking for another job.

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