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How to Make Your Company’s Onboarding Process More Enjoyable

An effective onboarding process remains a key aspect of any tech company’s office culture. Getting new hires engaged, inspired, and focused on their work helps boost productivity, while also increasing their chances at staying with your organization over time. It truly lets those employees understand they made the right choice in accepting your job offer.

What follows are a few insights on how to improve the effectiveness of your company’s onboarding process. Leverage these tips for more productive employees and a more welcoming organizational culture. It also keeps you ahead of the competition!

Don’t Wait Until Their First Day to Connect

An engaged onboarding process starts the minute a candidate accepts your company’s job offer. Don’t wait until their first day to start introducing them to your culture. Having an online portal with mission statements and company history, combined with the ability to fill out insurance forms and other data, definitely helps.

Additionally, encourage their new coworkers to connect with them on LinkedIn, Slack, and any other professional social media sources your organization uses. This helps break the ice before their first day in the office.

A Memorable First Day Makes a Great Impression

Making a great first impression on a new employee remains a great way to engender their loyalty. Sure, take them out to lunch to meet their new coworkers, but also consider an after-hours event so everyone can connect outside the office. This helps build the relationships and camaraderie essential to forge a winning team able to do great work in technology.

Consider giving the new hire a gift card or some other form of swag on their first day. Once again, a memorable first day helps them feel welcome; giving their morale a quick boost so they are engaged for their first few months with your firm.

Have Their Manager Provide a List of Short-Term Goals

Giving new employees a sense of direction for their first few weeks on the job is essential. Provide a set of short-term goals to help them come up to speed within a few weeks. Make sure these include actual work on current projects. Meet with the new hire regularly over this time to check their status while providing the valuable feedback necessary for successful onboarding.

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