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How to Deal With Nervousness During an Interview

A great interview performance remains the most important aspect of any technology job search. Companies want to hire candidates with a strong mix of relevant technical skills and professional experience, who also speak confidently about themselves during an interview. On the other hand, seeming overly nervous simply gives the wrong impression to a potential employer.

With earning a great IT job offer in mind, here are a few tips on how to best handle nervousness during a job interview. Use these ideas to fuel your practice sessions and soon the position of your dreams will be yours!

Preparation is the Key to a Successful Interview Performance

Simply put, you need to spend a significant amount of time preparing for your tech job interview. Be sure to study your résumé, especially the technical skills and professional experience that relates to the company’s open position. Having this information at the forefront of your mind ensures you won’t stumble over it when answering the interviewer’s pointed questions.

In addition to your studying, practicing for your interview is another must. Get a friend to ask you questions about your résumé information, including follow-ups. Work on speaking clearly and confidently while making natural eye contact. Ultimately, this kind of detailed interview prep work helps you feel less nervous when the big day arrives.

Arrive Early to the Interview

Arriving 15 minutes early to an interview is usually the “industry standard.” Try to shoot for getting there 30 minutes beforehand to give you time for a quick meditation session to calm your nerves and focus your thoughts. Visualize making confident answers to questions about how your skills and experience make a great fit for their open position.

Remember to Take Deep Breaths

Breathe deeply to counteract the adverse effects of nervousness. Do so beforehand as part of your meditation session. Also sneak a few deep breaths during the interview itself, without making it seem too obvious. Once again, this is a great way to calm your nerves while focusing on confidently giving a detailed answer.

Ask a Meaningful Question of Your Own

Remember, an interview is simply a conversation. Research the company in question to ask a question or two of your own. This helps you feel less nervous throughout the rest of the interview.

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