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How to Grow the Talent You Already Have In-House

Considering the continued strong economy, low unemployment rate, and subsequent difficulty sourcing great IT candidates, employee development becomes critical for the success of any tech organization. Fostering an office culture focused on providing career ladders for your staff also saves money over the long haul, especially when considering the costs of the staffing process. In short, it’s cheaper to grow from within!

Here are a few ideas on how to properly develop your company’s in-house technology talent. It’s an approach that helps boost your productivity and your retention rate, while ultimately making for a healthier bottom line.

Creating a Culture Focused on Employee Development

Building a company culture known for employee development plays a key role in the success of any tech organization. Your current employees are less likely to leave for another firm, knowing their best chances for career growth lie within your office. Additionally, you are able to attract a higher grade of IT candidate once the word gets out about your robust training program and generous tuition reimbursement benefits.

Also, give your employees the opportunity to work on interesting projects using the latest in technology. Consider rotating your project teams so everyone gets a chance to learn by doing instead of only relying on training and educational programs.

A Well-Developed Training Program is a Must

Building a training program focused on exposing your employees to recent technological innovations is vital. Use the program’s courses to let your team become certified in the hottest tech skills. In addition to improving the overall skills inventory in your office, you are also able to bid on a larger range of project opportunities.

Offer bonuses to employees for successfully completing courses and earning new certifications.

A Tuition Reimbursement Benefit Offers Myriad Benefits to Your Company

Your top employees likely want the advanced education necessary to take their careers to a higher level. Offering tuition reimbursement as a benefit helps them achieve their dreams, while also providing your company with notable benefits.

Requiring anyone who gets tuition assistance to agree to stay with your firm for a period of time afterward helps you keep these employees in-house – improved employee morale also helps in this regard. Finally, the talent level in your office is raised when your team earns advanced degrees in either technology or business. It’s ultimately the best way to develop your in-house talent.

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