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Could In-Person Networking be Your Key to a New Job?

Building a robust professional network plays a key role in any successful technology career. If you are struggling with a difficult technical problem at work, reach out to your network and potentially find an elegant solution. When searching for the perfect new position, these colleagues provide a great source of potential job leads at top companies.

Let’s take a closer look at how in-person networking matters when it comes to any successful IT job search. It even helps when you aren’t looking for a new position. Leverage these insights to keep your tech career trending upwards.

Make a More Meaningful Network Connection in Person

While online networking, typically using social media websites like LinkedIn, remains part of a building a strong network, actually meeting colleagues in person makes for a more meaningful connection. You get to interact in real time, exchange ideas, and perhaps even engage in social activity after-hours.

When someone knows you in this manner, they are better able to provide job leads that match your professional desires and cultural fit. These are important factors, as a compatible culture influences how long you stay with your next employer.

Technology Conferences and User Groups are a Great Way to Network

Be sure to attend any technology conferences taking place in your area. Obviously, these events provide great opportunities for building your network in person. Reach out to anyone working with a similar technology stack as yours; bring a copious amount of business cards and give them out freely.

More specialized tech events are also great for making connections. For example, a local developer user group offers a great opportunity for deeper interactions with tech pros on similar career paths. These user groups also exist for network administration and other areas of technology.

Remember That Networking is a Two-Way Street

When you hear about a great job opportunity that’s a good fit for tech professionals in your network, definitely let them know about it. Networking is truly a two-way street and when you help someone out, they are more likely to return the favor in the future. In a similar manner, if a colleague helps you find a great IT job, take them out to lunch or buy them a bottle of their favorite spirit. It’s the least you can do.

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