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The Top Career Paths for the IT Industry

The technology world provides professionals with a variety of career paths. Do you want to be a team manager, a software engineer, or a data architect? Opportunities in the IT industry abound for anyone willing to follow their vocational dreams. It just takes knowledge, experience, and a strong work ethic.

With a successful professional life in mind, here are a few of the top career paths in the tech industry. Use the ideas to build your own career ladder to the corner office or whatever you want to achieve. A rewarding life is there for the taking. Grab it!

Data Scientist

Data scientists remain one of the hottest roles in the IT world. Combining exceptional skills in math and programming with strong business acumen, these professionals help companies derive actionable information from data. While the job requirements for these positions tend to be rigorous, expect a lucrative salary as a result.

Cloud Engineer

With more businesses transitioning their IT operations to the Cloud, an acute need for cloud engineers now exists. They combine the skills of a network administrator with strong cybersecurity and systems architecture knowledge. The best professionals on this career path enjoy annual salaries in the six-figure range.

Applications Engineer

The applications engineer focuses on architecting and developing software programs used by businesses. They know full-stack programming like the back of their hand, able to use the right language and framework for any solution. Professionals in the role enjoy an average annual salary of nearly $105,000.

Software Architect

Software architects combine the skills of an application engineer with superior strategic thinking and business acumen. This helps them design applications for any platform able to solve pressing business problems. These are elite tech professionals with top-shelf skills and experience. As such, average annual salaries run well into six figures.

Software Engineering Manager

The best software engineering managers don’t necessarily possess the strongest programming skills. Instead, they combine technical ability with superior communication skills and business knowledge. Understanding the latest in methodologies, like Agile, Lean, Scrum, and DevOps also helps. Expect an average annual salary approaching $110,000.

After learning about these top career paths in IT, acquire the skills, experience, and knowledge you need for success. Persistence and hard work ultimately rewards you with the career of your dreams.

Looking For Your Next Career Fit?

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