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Top Ways to Provide Flexibility to Your Team

The modern technology professional wants flexibility from their employer. This includes everything from working on different types of projects to a flexible work schedule. This growing desire is one of the reasons workplace flexibility is a hot topic in the business world.

In a competitive arena for IT talent, companies need to foster the right kind of culture to retain their best employees. Providing a flexible work environment remains a key part of the office culture at the top tech organizations. Here are some ideas on how to give your team the flexibility they crave.

The Freedom of a Flexible Schedule

Providing flexible schedules and the ability to telecommute remain two of the top ways for adding flexibility to your office. Taking this approach requires your managers to work harder keeping their teams engaged. Still, the benefits are numerous when it comes to employee satisfaction.

Ultimately, giving your employees this freedom is a great way to show you trust them. Expect improved morale and productivity as a result.

Understanding the Job Roles on Your Team

Not every IT position is equal when it comes to flexibility. As such, it’s important to understand the job roles on your team as well as the needs of each employee. Scott Behson, Professor of Management for Farleigh Dickinson, commented on this approach.

“If you look at the jobs you supervise and break them into their component parts, it is likely you’ll find that some tasks, maybe even up to a third of an entire job, lend themselves to time and place flexibility,” said Behson. This understanding is a key factor in successfully managing workers on flexible and remote schedules.

Additionally, reach out to your employees to find out their desires for both flexible job roles and scheduling. Perhaps some prefer a compressed workweek of four 10-hour days?

Encourage Your Team to Use Their PTO

It’s true some tech employees don’t use all their vacation time and PTO. You need to encourage them to take enough breaks, to rest and recharge. After the successful completion of a difficult project is a good time to use PTO. Consider awarding a bonus day as an extra incentive.

Taking enough breaks and downtime actually ensures your employees are able to give extra effort when required. In the end, it’s a great way to boost productivity.

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