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What to Expect From Your First IT Job

Congratulations are in order. A sterling résumé and top-notch interview performance led to a job offer from a great technology company. Soon, you begin your journey on a rewarding and lifelong IT career path. So it helps to know what to expect during the first few weeks on the job.

Let’s take a closer look at what to expect from your first technology job. Getting started on the right foot is paramount, so this advice helps prevent any missteps. Soon, you’ll be a trusted colleague making a positive impact on your new employer!

Upholding the Expectations of You as a Professional

You are in the big time now as a technology professional. Thus, your new employer expects to behave in a professional manner. This includes always arriving on time (if not early) and taking your assignments seriously.

All verbal and written communication also needs to be handled professionally. Career expert, Heather Huhman comments on what’s expected of you as far as communicating.

“Many new graduates have trouble adapting to professional communication etiquette. They either craft emails that are overly formal or are filled with typos and slang. The key is to find an appropriate balance. You should always be respectful, but don’t be afraid to show your personality as well,” noted Huhman.

Expect Some Short-Term Goals Covering Your First Weeks

The best technology managers make it a point to get new hires acclimated as quickly as possible. As such, expect a meeting with them on your first day or soon afterward to go over goals for your first weeks on the job. Depending on your job role, these might entail learning the company’s applications, development workflow, and the dev, QA, and production environments.

In fact, once you accept a job offer, try to get as much of this information as possible. This way you are able to study the material ahead of time. This approach makes you better prepared for your first day.

The Importance of Teamwork

In college, you are judged by your own personal accomplishments – report cards, Dean’s List awards, a degree, etc. In the real world, while you still receive personalized reviews, the goals of your company put the onus squarely on teamwork. This is especially the case with DevOps and Agile popular across the tech world.

In short, expect to be judged more by the performance of the team. Learn to collaborate, communicate, and leave your ego at the door. It’s the best way to start your career the right way.

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