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The Five Best Methods to Stay on Top of Your Hiring Process

The continued strong economy and low unemployment mean it’s still a competitive market for talented tech candidates. Therefore, a company’s staffing process needs to be efficient and productive to turn great candidates into new employees. A proactive approach helps ensure your organization never suffers from a skills gap.

With maintaining a robust candidate pool in mind, here are a few tips for staying on top of your company’s hiring process. Leverage these ideas to employ the most talented team possible. Expect a productive workforce and a healthy bottom line as a result.

Maintain a Large Candidate Pool

Hiring only when you need an influx of talent is the wrong approach. Instead, make sure your HR team stays engaged with sourcing and interviewing candidates.

“Having a continual interview process, even when you aren’t hiring, helps you maintain a pool of candidates in your network who can fill roles when needed. This also helps keep you attuned to the changing workforce and learning trends,” comments tech entrepreneur, Joel Mathew.

Streamline Your Interview Process

Studies show a superior-tech candidate stays on the market for only 2-3 weeks. This means companies with long interview processes tend to miss out on the best talent. So reduce the number of interview rounds to give your company a better chance at making a great hire.

Use Candidate Tracking Software

Take advantage of the latest candidate tracking software to streamline your staffing process. It helps your HR team focus more on vetting candidates and performing initial interviews. Once again, this makes things more efficient and ultimately more effective.

Don’t Forget Passive Candidates

Tech professionals not actively looking for work offer a great source for superior IT talent. Use your professional network to reach out to these passive candidates. Top-Notch company culture remains a great way to get them to join your team.

Partner With an Experienced Technology Staffing Agency

A partnership with a preeminent technical staffing agency needs to be part of any organization’s staffing process. The top firms maintain a list of quality candidates interested in both permanent employment and contract gigs. Partnering with an agency

over time ensures they grow to understand your company culture and technical stack. This lets them present candidates making a perfect fit.

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