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Should You Include Non-IT Experience on Your Résumé?

Crafting a résumé that highlights your skills and experience in an easy to read manner needs to be the goal of any technology candidate. Since you generally want to keep things clear and concise, what about including your non-technical experience? The answer to this question largely depends on the kind of experience and the requirements for the open position.

Let’s take a closer on whether or not to include non-IT experience on your résumé. Use this information to give yourself the best shot at an interview and subsequently a job offer. Good luck!

Analyze the Requirements of the Open Position

Ultimately, the answer to the question of non-IT experience on a résumé varies by the nature of the open position. If you are going after a purely technical position, maybe a programmer or an ITOps role, focus more on the IT experience throughout your work history. HR personnel, in this case, hope to match your skills with the needs of their open position.

While some HR staff may use an online search engine to find candidates, they still peruse each résumé to find those worthy enough for an interview. As we noted earlier, make sure your CV stays easy to read and follow. Keeping things concise outweighs any need to add your irrelevant experience.

Consider Including any Management Experience

On the other hand, companies are interested in IT candidates with management experience in the career – even when not in a technical role. This is especially the case when applying for a senior-level technology position. Having experience leading others in your work history – even at a fast-food restaurant in college – is usually valuable to companies.

In this situation, feel free to include that experience on your résumé. Talk with your recruiter to get their take on the situation. They might provide insights on what the company in question wants in a candidate.

Don’t Forget About Experience With Soft Skills

Companies across the technical realm now desire candidates with a good mix of technical and softer skills. We already mentioned the value of management experience earlier in your career. If you also boast other soft skills, like communication ability, problem-solving acumen, teamwork, and a keen business sense, highlight this information on your résumé.

Once again, speak with your recruiter about their opinion. In the end, personalizing each résumé for a specific position is a smart strategy.

Ready to Make a Career Leap?

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