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5 Things a Good Manager Never Says

The best managers possess exemplary verbal and written communication skills. They also have a sixth sense on how to inspire the best efforts from their direct reports. Keeping employee morale at its highest ensures everyone stays focused at the office, with a boost in productivity as a result.

On the other hand, being overly critical and negative tends to have the opposite effect. With that in mind, here are a few things great managers never say to their employees. Use this list as a lesson on what not to do when communicating with your team.

“I Don’t Have the Time”

Simply put, the best managers make the time when presented with an issue from their team. Telling your direct reports you don’t have the time to listen comes off as condescending and even arrogant. It’s poor form, especially if you need everyone to work extra hours during crunch time at the end of a project. Employees have good memories.

“Keep Personal Issues at Home”

The modern employee values a balance between their personal and professional lives. Even with this additional flexibility, they are sometimes asked to stay connected to work from home. So a manager telling a direct report to keep any personal issues from disrupting their work eventually leads to burnout and low morale.

“The Worker You Replaced Did Better Work”

Telling a new employee they have some “pretty big shoes” to fill is the wrong approach for a manager. It just adds stress to a new worker just trying to fit in and make a positive difference for the team. In short, never judge employees by comparing them to a current or former worker, unless in a private managerial meeting.

“We’ve Always Done It This Way”

The best managers are flexible and open-minded, which works best in a constantly changing tech industry. Being stubborn when presented with fresh ideas is the sign of a manager on a path towards obsolescence. Always keep an open door to new concepts from your team.

“I Hate My Job”

A manager should never utter a negative opinion about their own morale to their direct reports. This kind of poor attitude is contagious. Naturally, expect the team to have a significant (and not good!) reaction to a statement like this made in the office.

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