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How You Can Ace Your Next IT Phone Interview

Companies looking for technology talent generally need to manage a complicated staffing process. Because of this extra effort, they increasingly turn to phone interviews to make things a bit more efficient. Candidates not used to a phone interview need to prepare just like the in-person equivalent.

With a successful job search in mind, here are a few tips on how to nail your next phone interview. Spend enough time in practice and preparation to ensure your chance at a follow-up interview and potentially a great job offer. Your IT career continues to trend upwards!

Studying for Your Interview is the Key

As we mentioned above, you need to study for a phone interview in the same manner as an in-person version. Research the company in question so you are able to ask a meaningful question or two when prompted. This helps show your interest in their open position.

At the same time, study your résumé and professional history, taking care to highlight how your skills and experience match the needs of their open position. If it’s a technical interview, freshen up your knowledge of the relevant IT skills related to your background. Make a cheat sheet covering the major points of your studying for easy referral during the phone interview.

Prepare a Private Spot for the Phone Interview

It’s important to create a private spot in your home so you won’t be disturbed during the phone interview. These distractions include pets, children, or even a loud roommate. If you already have a home office where you can close the door, this is the perfect setup.

When using a smartphone, make sure there’s enough battery power and you are receiving a good signal. In short, don’t let technical issues hamper your chances at a job offer.

Answer the Phone Using a Professional Greeting

When the expected call arrives, don’t simply say “Hello.” A professional greeting like “Hello, this is (your name)” is the right approach. After all, you want to make a good first impression.

Be Sure to Follow-up With the Interviewer

After a day or two, follow-up with the interviewer just like with an in-person interview. Be sure to get their email address when chatting, or send them your thanks in a professional text message. Once again, this expresses your continued interested in their open position.

Looking For Your Next Career Fit?

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