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How to Establish Culture in an IT Setting

Office culture remains an important differentiator when comparing technology organizations. It comes into play whenever two firms are competing over the same talented tech candidate. Ultimately, culture also matters when considering overall productivity and the subsequent health of the firms’ bottom line.

So how do you go about fostering the right kind of company culture at your IT business? Here are a few insights and ideas on building a culture at the modern tech organization. Leverage these tips to help your firm grow the culture necessary for continued success.

Foster a Culture That Thrives on Teamwork

Teamwork and collaboration are two important concepts for the modern IT organization. It’s a major reason for the popularity of the DevOps methodology throughout the tech world. Companies are simply more efficient and productive when working in sync as a team.

Emphasizing teamwork even before an official adoption of Agile and/or DevOps also helps build culture.

Champion an Open and Transparent Communications Policy

An open communications policy is an essential part of any organization with a strong company culture. Be sure to hold regular meetings, while encouraging anyone from a new employee to a senior IT veteran to offer opinions and advice. On the other hand, companies that communicate in secret tend to sow distrust, with a subsequent loss in employee morale (and productivity) as a result.

Invest in Your Employees’ Career Development

Providing a robust training program and other related perks, like tuition reimbursement, shows you are serious about your employees’ career growth. Tech workers generally want to work for organizations that invest in the development of their staff. Because of this approach, expect the company’s retention rate to improve, which is important in a competitive market for talented IT professionals.

Fight Employee Burn Out by Offering Flexible Scheduling

When looking at the most popular benefits desired by the modern tech worker, flexible scheduling ranks near the top of the list. This typically includes also providing the ability to telecommute. Once again, these are benefits that help position your company as offering a culture focused on employee well-being and the balancing of their professional and personal lives.

Empowering Your Employees to Succeed

Provide your staff with achievable goals and give them enough space to succeed. In this way, you empower them to make a positive impact on your organization in addition to achieving their own professional dreams. It’s a key factor in building the right kind of company culture.

Looking to Staff Up?

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