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Best Ways to Learn While on the Job

When your company hired you as a technology professional, you already possessed the IT knowledge and experience needed for their open position. At the same time, companies want workers who take pride in learning new skills. Remember that in the tech world, learning only stops on your retirement day.

So what are some of the best ways to learn new tech skills while still on the job? We’ll take a closer look at this question, so leverage these insights to add some depth to your résumé. It’s the best way to make yourself invaluable to your employer.

Curiosity and Experimentation are the Keys to Learning

Assuming your company provides a sandbox or development environment for experimentation, use this opportunity as a chance to learn new things. This is a great way to explore a new language or a new automation tool. Of course, don’t let this work distract you from your regular assignments. If your employer doesn’t allow for a few hours of experimental work each week, use your lunch hour, arrive early, or stay late.

Curiosity remains important for any technology pro with a strong desire to learn. Don’t feel shy about asking questions of your bosses and coworkers about the technology stack at your company. If you need training, request it!

Volunteer on an Open Source Project

The open-source movement provides many opportunities for technology professionals to learn new skills outside of work. Want to get some practical experience on a new programming language you just learned out of a book? Volunteer on an open-source project to put your fresh knowledge to the test.

Depending on the tech stack of the project in question, you might also learn a new tool or utility. Ultimately, the open-source world is a great way to broaden your skillset.

Non-Profit Projects Help You Add Soft Skills to Your Portfolio

Additionally, if you want to add a few soft skills to your résumé, working on a project for a charity or a non-profit is a great option. These organizations need help with a variety of technology initiatives. You might get to chance to perform some project management work or improve your verbal or written communication skills. Always remember, companies want employees who show the gumption to help out their community.

Looking to Grow Your Career?

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