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Should You Apply for a Job When You’re Underqualified?

During any technology job search, chances are good you will encounter a great opening with a top company. There’s just one catch; however, your skills and experience don’t make a perfect match for their open position. So what are the next steps? Should you still go ahead and apply?

Let’s take a closer look at an issue that nearly all technology professionals encounter. In a candidate-driven job market, maybe applying for that dream position makes perfect sense, even when you are underqualified. After all, the company might be intrigued by the details of your résumé.

What If You Almost Match the Requirements of the Open Position?

If you come pretty close to meeting the requirements of the open position, by all means, send them an application. Remember, companies continue to struggle when searching for a technology candidate, so your close match might warrant an interview in their minds. Use that opportunity to sell yourself, your technical and soft skills, as well as any tangible experience.

This approach especially makes sense when it comes to the amount of experience. For example, if they are looking for someone with ten years, and you only have; however, years, it’s likely still worth an application. Once again, knock them out during an interview, and you stand a good chance at earning an offer.

Apply for a Job When You are Massively Underqualified?

Your chances are close to nil when applying for a position when your qualifications aren’t close to the job requirements. This is the case when someone with two years of experience applies for a managerial role requiring ten years. Your energy is likely better spent focusing on positions more closely aligned with your skills and experience.

On the other hand, sending them a speculative application introduces you to the organization. In this case, a well-written, personalized cover letter helps draw attention to your emerging skills and professional acumen. Your ultimate hope is for the company to consider you whenever a position closely matching your skills and experience becomes available.

Your Recruiter Can Offer Advice in this Situation

Ultimately, reach out to your tech recruiter when considering a position for which you are underqualified. They are a great source of advice in this scenario. Perhaps, there’s another tech job available where you’d make a perfect fit?

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