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The Best Ways to Turn Negative Feedback Into Positive Results

Expect to receive all forms of feedback throughout your technology career. This includes the positive feedback that inspires you to even greater heights. Criticism tends to sting, however, and likely stays with you over time. This is especially the case when it’s offered in a non-constructive manner.

Whatever the nature of any negative feedback you receive, it’s important to use it to make yourself a better professional. Obviously, this becomes easier when it’s constructive, but don’t let that keep you down. With career success in mind, here are some tips on turning negative feedback into a positive impact.

Companies Judge Employees by How They Handle Criticism

Companies want to employ workers who are able to handle constructive criticism. When receiving any, don’t get defensive or worse yet, try to blame others. Take ownership of the issue and do whatever it takes to fix the situation. When you react in a professional manner, it’s definitely turning a negative into a positive.

Don’t Take Criticism Personally

Related to that last point, it’s important not to take any negative feedback personally. This attitude likely leads to the defensive posture mentioned earlier. Once again, keeping things professional is an essential part of career success.

Take Advantage of Any Learning Opportunity

Taking full advantage of the learning opportunities you receive keeps your career headed upwards. This is especially the case when receiving negative feedback from a boss or a coworker. The top managers in the IT industry understand that giving timely constructive feedback is essential. Use that feedback to learn from your mistakes and simply do a better job the next time.

Be Open to Change

In a technology world undergoing a seemingly constant transformation, being resistant to change is just not good for your career. If some constructive criticism requires you to alter how you approach your professional life, you frankly need to change. It’s the best way to keep growing until your day of retirement.

Stay Interactive and Receptive to Feedback

Reacting to negative feedback by going into a shell is simply the wrong approach. You need to always stay interactive with your boss. Continue to ask for their insights as you handle the situation that caused the criticism. This real-time feedback keeps you on your feet.

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