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Keep Your Hiring Process On Track – Top Hiring Trends for 2020

As your organization enters 2020, understanding the current technology job market is a must. After all, crafting an effective staffing plan requires deep knowledge of the hottest tech job roles as well as your company’s specific needs. This is especially the case when considering the current difficult environment for sourcing and hiring talented IT professionals.

So with a successful staffing effort in mind for the New Year, let’s take a closer look at the top hiring trends affecting the IT industry. Use this information to help position your company for success in 2020 and beyond.

Hiring Trends for the IT Industry in 2020

A Strong Company Culture is a Must

In a competitive environment for technology talent, your company needs to forge an office culture able to attract the best and brightest candidates. Culture also greatly influences the organization’s ability to retain its most talented employees. A recent Glassdoor study reveals the modern employee values office culture more than salary.

Great leadership, an open communication policy, flexible scheduling, the ability to telecommute, a focus on employee development, and interesting project work all contribute to fostering the right company culture. If you are finding it difficult to hire top candidates, is poor office culture the reason?

The Mobile Job Search is Now the Norm

Candidates continue to leverage mobile devices for their job search efforts. In fact, it’s quickly becoming the norm. Over the next few years, the World Advertising Research Center predicts nearly 75 percent of users will access the Internet exclusively using mobile devices.

Because of this growing trend, companies hoping to attract candidates need to ensure their websites are mobile-friendly. In fact, a mobile-first approach to the candidate sourcing process needs to be considered in 2020.

Improving the Candidate Experience

Forging a mobile-first approach is only one aspect of improving the candidate experience. This is another hiring trend transforming the staffing arena in 2020 and beyond. It comes as no surprise that the organizations able to craft a compelling and streamlined process for potential new employees are the ones hiring the best and brightest.

Keeping candidates in the loop throughout the hiring process is essential, as is making a quick final decision on the hire. With the top tech candidates staying on the market for only a few weeks, this approach provides the best chance at securing the preeminent IT talent.

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