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5 Tips For Climbing The Career Ladder

A rewarding technology career requires setting a few goals, crafting a plan to achieve them, and hard work until your retirement day. Of course, staying focused and inspired throughout your professional life is another must. However, an array of professional achievements makes all that effort worthwhile in the end.

With an eye towards continued success in your IT profession, here are a few tips for climbing that proverbial career ladder. Leverage this advice to put yourself on a path towards more responsibility – and a higher salary. Perhaps the corner office awaits you down the road?

Earn a Certification in a New Technology Skill

One constant in any IT career remains the ever-changing nature of technology itself. Some of the hottest skills of a decade ago are barely an afterthought today – Flash, anyone? Earning a certification in a hot skill, like machine learning or data analytics, makes you more valuable to your current employer and more attractive to companies looking for tech talent.

Continuing Education is a Must

Related to that last point, earning an advanced technical degree or perhaps an MBA puts your career on the fast track to success. In fact, some IT roles, such as a data scientist, generally require at least a Master’s level degree. Take advantage of any tuition reimbursement benefit offered by your employer.

Display Your Leadership Potential in The Office

Show off your leadership acumen at the office by mentoring a younger coworker or hosting a lunch meeting covering a new tech tool you learned. Your managers notice this kind of positive behavior. Simply showing a good example by arriving early and staying late each day also helps.

Ask For More Responsibility

After your bosses regularly notice your leadership skills in the office, it’s a great time to ask for more responsibility. A senior technical position or a team lead role works well as a first step towards becoming a manager. Having strong verbal and written communication skills is also important for leadership.

Always Be Open to New Opportunities

Companies regularly look hard for passive technology candidates, i.e. those not actively looking for work. If someone from your professional network approaches you with an intriguing opportunity, definitely consider it. In many cases, a chance like this puts your career growth into overdrive.

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