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4 of The Highest Paying, Fastest Growing IT Job Titles for 2020

If you want to keep your tech career on a path to success, it helps to stay aware of the latest job trends. Certain roles within IT remain in high demand, with copious job opportunities and generous salaries available to qualified candidates. A shortage of talented tech pros means the time is right to take full advantage of the current market.

With an eye towards positioning yourself for continued success in IT, here are some of the highest paying, fastest-growing job roles in the technology world. Leverage this information to get the right training and experience – is needed – for these opportunities.

Machine Learning Engineer

Machine learning, a discipline related to artificial intelligence, continues to grow in use throughout the business world. These engineers develop the models and write the algorithms to help AI routines perform a myriad of tasks. Machine learning is used in everything from self-driving vehicles to automated stock trading applications.

Raj Mukherjee, a senior vice president in the tech industry, commented on the strong demand for tech pros experienced in machine learning. “We see every company becoming an AI company, and as that happens, AI will become a top investment area for any tech department. Machine learning engineers are going to be very high in demand,” he said.

Network Analyst

Even as companies migrate more of their technical infrastructure to the Cloud, they still need network analysts. With SD-WAN, IoT, and other technical innovations currently transforming networking, talented and experienced professionals remain in demand. Any exposure to information security is a plus for those network analysts interested in new opportunities.

Information Security Analyst

Speaking of cybersecurity, professionals experienced in this area are arguably the most in-demand candidates in the tech world. After all, hacking incidents are in the news on almost a daily basis. With companies desperate for experience in this area, opportunities abound for interested candidates.

DevOps Lead

Companies striving to optimize their software development process increasingly turn to DevOps as a methodology. Focusing on collaboration and leveraging automated tasks for increased velocity, businesses strive to achieve the Holy Grail of continuous deployment of software enhancements and fixes. As such, these organizations need project managers with the right experience to serve in a DevOps lead role. Development experience is another plus.

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