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Learn Why The Candidate Experience Matters During The Hiring Process

In a competitive environment for technology talent, your company needs to stand out from the pack to hire the best. Part of that effort includes providing an engaging and compelling experience to candidates throughout the hiring process. Open communication and an easy application process are only part of a quality candidate experience.  

Let’s take a closer look at why the candidate experience plays a major role in companies successfully sourcing – and hiring – talented IT professionals. Use this information to craft something able to attract the top technology candidates in your region and beyond. Your competition is likely to consider a similar plan. 

Impressing Candidates is Vital in Today’s Job Market  

It’s a candidate-driven job market, and companies need to focus on impressing talented tech pros, instead of the other way around. This approach needs to include the entire candidate pool, not just your final hire or the group called in for interviews. Treat everyone with respect and professionalism.  

Expect the word about a poor experience to spread quickly on social media. Part of forging a company culture able to attract the best includes providing candidates with a seamless hiring process. It’s an essential part of any well-considered staffing plan.   

Crafting the Right Candidate Experience Starts With The Job Description 

A candidate experience ultimately includes everything from the job description to notifying the final applicants about your hiring decision. At the beginning, take care that job descriptions clearly explain the requirements for the open position, while providing some insights into the company culture. This helps ensure a higher quality candidate pool for your HR team to handle. 

An Open and Personal Communication Policy  

A personal touch when communicating with candidates is essential. Sure, well-written form letters are suitable for responding to a candidate’s initial application. Once the interviews begin, however, personalized emails and/or texts are essential. Keep everyone in the loop throughout the hiring process. Ghosting applicants is simply unprofessional. 

An Efficient Hiring Process Makes Candidates Happy  

A streamlined (re: fast!) hiring process is another important part of a quality candidate experience. When things get bogged down, many applicants simply lose interest. Remember, the top tech professionals are only on the market for a few weeks. Limiting the number of interview rounds is a great way to keep things moving quickly. 

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