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Mistakes to Avoid in Your Next Interview

Even with a detailed résumé filled with the latest tech skills and tangible experience, a poor interview performance means you won’t get a job offer. You need to study, dress sharply, take care of your personal hygiene, and practice your interviewing techniques. It’s an approach giving you the best shot at a great IT position. 

Additionally, avoiding those huge interview mistakes is another must. Depending on the severity of the misstep, your chances at that tech job of your dreams are likely over. So, when practicing for your interview take heed of this list of mistakes to avoid 

A Failure to Study Your Résumé  

Obviously, it’s reasonable to expect multiple, probing questions into your technology skills and experience – essentially, the contents of your résumé. So, the night before the interview, spend time reviewing your technical background and tangible work history. You want this information at the forefront of your mind so you are able to answer clearly and confidently when asked questions. 

Try to focus on how your professional background matches the requirements of their open position. Also, brush up on your basic tech skills in case you are asked a technical question or two. This level of studying helps improve your confidence level.  

Not Researching the Company in Question  

In addition to studying your own résumé, also research the company with whom you are interviewing. When you are prompted to ask a question or two, use this information for a meaningful query. Additionally, pepper your answers with information about the company. This approach helps display your true interest in their open position. 

Displaying an Apathetic Attitude  

Companies want to hire candidates with the right skills and experience that are also enthusiastic about the opportunity. Giving off an apathetic attitude during the interview is simply a huge mistake. During your interview practice, make sure to focus on displaying positive body language – sit up straight, make natural eye contact, and speak confidently with enthusiasm.   

Simply going through the motions won’t earn you a job offer. Displaying your excitement for their position is a must! 

Unprofessional Dress and Appearance  

The time-honored aphorism – dress for success – applies during any interview. Even if the company is known for casual dress, be sure to give off a professional look during the interview. Poor hygiene and an unprofessional appearance is the death knell for your chances at an offer. 

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