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Out of The Box Tactics For Interviewing Your Next Candidate

The interview still gives your organization the best chance to truly vet a candidate. You are able to drill into their experience, skills, and potential fit with your company. Still, sometimes you need to take a somewhat different approach for the best reading on the candidate.  

With making a successful hire in mind, here are a few out of the box questions and tactics to use during your next interview. Leverage these concepts to make the best possible hiring decision. After all, the wrong hire costs your company over the long haul. 

A Left Field Question Helps You Analyze the Candidate 

Asking a few unexpected questions helps you get a feel for a candidate beyond their tech skills and experience. You get to see how they think under pressure, while also garnering a few insights into the person beyond the résumé.  

Finding out their favorite superhero or what would they do after winning the lottery provides a window into what makes them tick. It might also spawn an interactive conversation which is key to determining their personality and fit with your company. 

The Personality Profile is Another Useful Tool  

Having a candidate complete a personality profile is another great tactic for determining their fit within your office. Some candidates are able to offer more meaningful answers using the written word compared to speaking. It might also make the interviewee feel more comfortable; allowing them to offer more detailed answers to your verbal questioning 

Take The Candidate Out to Lunch  

Taking a candidate out to lunch as part of an interview is another useful and unusual tactic. You are able to analyze their interactions with servers and their general mannerisms outside of the office. This is especially valuable for the second round of interviews when differentiating between the top candidates. 

Have Them Pitch an Idea For a New Product  

Making the candidate pitch an idea for a new product or service offers the opportunity to analyze their creativity. It’s also a great tactic for product manager positions, as it provides a window into their marketing acumen beyond their tech skills. You also get to see how well they think on their feet with no preparation. 

In the end, these tactics challenge the candidate in unique ways. Ultimately, you get to learn more about them and whether they’d make a great employee. 

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