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How to Ensure You Don’t Make The Wrong Hire

The costly hiring and onboarding processes raise the stakes for your company to make the right choice between candidates. When the wrong hire gets made, your company suffers a loss in both productivity and employee morale. In a competitive environment for technology talent, trying again to find a great candidate becomes a difficult proposition.

Making a successful hire requires executing a well-defined staffing process. Let’s take a closer look at a few ideas for improving your company’s hiring efforts. Leverage this advice to help ensure a wrong hire never gets made.

Improve The Company’s Online Presence to Job Seekers

Making the right technology hire starts with attracting the right candidates. So ensure your company’s online presence – website, LinkedIn page, etc. – provides the right message to job seekers. Highlight the company culture and the types of employees that truly thrive in your environment. Regularly publishing blog posts on your website and LinkedIn page also keeps the company name in front of potential candidates.

On your website, leverage video and images – combined with compelling text – to truly tell the organization’s story. This serves to draw in candidates while also providing enough of a storyline to provide a sense of the office culture. Remember, cultural fit matters when it comes to employee retention.

Clear Job Descriptions Are Essential for Attracting Great Candidates

Additionally, take care when writing job descriptions for open positions so they clearly state the job requirements, duties, and responsibilities. Also include some text highlighting the positive aspects of working for your organization, like a competitive salary and generous benefits package. At the same time, watch out for signs of passive bias within these job descriptions.

A more talented, diverse, and compatible candidate pool is the likely result of these efforts.

 Follow a Proactive Approach For Managing Your Candidate Pool

Ultimately, a proactive approach towards attracting candidates ensures a robust talent pool whenever a new opening arises. This includes maintaining an active LinkedIn Groups presence in areas relevant to the organization’s technical stack. A robust bonus for employee referrals is another great way to source great candidates not actively looking for work. Attracting passive candidates becomes easier as a result.

Also partner with an experienced technical staffing agency in your area for access to top candidates that are already vetted.

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