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Questions to Ask Your Interviewer

Of course, providing detailed and insightful answers during an interview helps your chances at securing a coveted technology job offer. But asking your own meaningful questions when prompted by the interviewer also matters for multiple reasons. For one, it lets you show off your research into the company’s operations and project work, giving you the chance to show your good fit for their open position.

With an eye towards a successful engineering job interview, here are some suitable lines of questioning worth following when given the opportunity. Leverage this advice to stand out from the rest of the candidates. Soon, that great job offer will be yours!

What Are My Goals in This Job For The First 90 Days?

Getting off to a great start is critical for any engineering and technical position. Most companies understand this and likely have a well-considered onboarding process that includes a few initial goals.

So ask a question or two aimed at the company’s goals for its new hires over the first few months. If the interviewer provides a thoughtful answer, hinting at a detailed program for new employees, this is a good sign they understand the importance of ensuring the success of anyone new to their organization.

What Metrics Do You Use to Track Employee Performance?

Somewhat related to that last question and suitable for a follow-up, ask about the metrics used to track employee performance. Once again, evidence of a modern and detailed process for performance tracking helps give you the peace of mind that your potential employer is organized. After all, what good are employee goals without the means to accurately track progress and performance?

How Are Performance Reviews Handled?

In the modern technology world, some companies don’t use annual reviews except for tracking annual goals. Instead, employee feedback is given throughout the year. This approach usually thrives at organizations with a welcoming culture and open communication policy. Asking this question after the first two provides deep insights into employee management at the company in question.

What About the Company’s Project Methodology?

It also helps to understand the company’s approach to its project methodology. Do they follow an Agile variant, like Lean or DevOps, a mixture of approaches, or do they simply get the job done whatever it takes? The answer to this question is likely a big factor on accepting any potential job offer. After all, cultural fit especially when it comes to methodology, greatly matters in your ultimate success with this organization.

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