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Questions to Help Prepare For Your Next Engineering Interview

A great résumé supported by a well-crafted cover letter led to an interview with a top engineering company in your area. At this point, the real work begins, as you need a great interview performance for a chance at that coveted job offer. Preparing for the interview includes studying your skills and work history, researching the company in question, and practicing your interviewing techniques.

As part of your preparation, check out these engineering interview questions commonly used by companies. Studying these questions keeps their answers at the top of your mind, so you can respond clearly and confidently. It’s the right strategy for interview success!

What Was The Most Challenging Project in Your Career?

When interviewing candidates, companies want to know the tangible impacts they made for previous employers. So expect to be asked about the most challenging project in your engineering career. It’s the type of open-ended question that requires you to go into detail on the project methodology, tools used, problem-solving, and more. So be sure to study your work history in detail before the interview.

Detail Your Experience With Making Written and Verbal Presentations

Of course, companies want to hire engineering candidates with exemplary technical skills. However, soft skills are also important, including excellent written and verbal communication chops. Be prepared to answer questions on any written and verbal presentations you’ve made throughout your career.

How Are You Able to Display Leadership in Your Engineering Role?

In addition to strong communication ability, leadership is another soft skill desired by companies interviewing for an open engineering position. Expect to be asked to highlight your experience as a leader, including managing projects, leading fellow engineers, or even serving as a mentor to someone new to the field. This is a very important attribute with the current emphasis on collaboration in the modern business world.

What Processes Have You Developed to Improve The Efficiency of Your Engineering Role?

Companies want to hire engineers able to use process innovation to improve efficiency. Once again, expect to be asked to go into detail on what processes you helped devise to make the engineering role more efficient for previous employers. Use facts and figures to add weight to your response. In addition to being able to answer this question during an interview, detail these tangible accomplishments on your résumé.

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