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6 Reasons to Do Temp Work

While a permanent IT gig is what most tech professionals desire, temporary contract work provides some unique advantages. The opportunities to work on the latest technology innovations or gain flexibility in your career path are only two of the benefits enjoyed through temp work. You might even receive an offer for a permanent position by the company where you’re temping.

Let’s take a closer look at a few valid reasons to take on a few contract gigs. It’s a great way to gain new experiences; putting your career path on a track towards more lucrative opportunities.

Try Out a Company Before Accepting a Permanent Position

Some companies use temporary assignments to try out a tech candidate before potentially offering them a permanent position. The inverse of this approach also works. You get a chance to see if you make a good fit; allowing you to make a better-informed decision if offered a full-time job.

Gain Experience in a New Technology Skill

So you just learned a hot tech skill, like AI and/or machine learning. Now you want a chance to gain some practical experience with this ability. A temporary gig offers a great opportunity to put this knowledge to work. Your résumé will thank you!

Add Some Breadth to Your Résumé

Speaking of that last point, regularly working on temporary IT gigs provides experience contributing to multiple shops with different methodologies and tech stacks. This is a great way to add breadth and depth to your résumé, so be sure to highlight these experiences in the skills and work history section of your CV.

Build Your Professional Network

A robust professional network remains an essential part of any successful IT career. Contract gigs provide a great opportunity to meet new professionals and expand your network. This serves as a great resource whenever you need technical advice or a lead on your next assignment.

Add Balance to Your Professional and Personal Lives

Whenever a temporary contract ends, you have the opportunity to take some time off to recharge your batteries before searching for a new gig. This approach lets you properly balance your personal and professional lives.

Improve Your Earning Potential

Temporary gigs tend to pay more than permanent employment. If you decide to focus on gig work, your earning potential increases, especially as you gain a reputation as a talented professional. This is largely the case when you boast experience with the hottest IT skills.

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