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How to Lead a Conversational Interview

When interviewing tech candidates for an open position, making the right hiring choice is paramount, especially considering the costs of the staffing process. The interview gives you the best chance to truly find out whether a certain candidate would be a great fit in your organization. Also, conversational interviews tend to work better than other formats in providing the insights you need to make the right decision. 

With a meaningful interview process in mind, here are a few tips on how to conduct a conversational interview. Leverage this advice to get the most out of your company’s hiring process.  

Make The Interviewee Feel Comfortable  

One important advantage of the conversational interview approach involves allowing the interviewee to relax. This makes it easier for them to show their true personality and also provide meaningful insights into their skills and experience. You gain an understanding of what makes them tick as a tech professional, while also getting a reading on their potential fit with your company culture. 

Research the Candidate’s Skill Set and Work History  

Conversational interviews become easier when you take the time to closely research the candidate’s résumé. This is especially the case when talking about their technical skills and tangible experience. These areas of questioning are ripe for follow-ups, so having that information at the forefront of your mind makes the interview more effective. 

Open-Ended Questions Work The Best  

Asking open-ended questions is a must when using a conversational interview approach. Just simply ask them to tell you about their favorite project, an innovative technology they recently learned, or their greatest professional accomplishment. These types of questions offer great insights into the candidate. 

Let The Interview Flow Naturally  

Make sure your asking of follow-up questions flows naturally. Once again, when the candidate is relaxed, this leads to them offering more meaningful information about their background. This is especially the case when discussing various project scenarios from their work experience. Don’t try to cut them off with a different line of questioning.  

Refrain From Taking Notes  

Taking notes during an interview is a distraction and counterintuitive to the conversational interview approach. Instead, try to focus directly on your chat with the candidate. Consider recording the interview to have something to refer to afterward. In the end, this is a better time to rate the candidate’s fit for your open position. 

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