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How to Turn Your Temp Job Into a Full-Time Career

So you recently started a temporary IT assignment with a great company in your area. You seem to be a good fit in the office and are making valuable contributions to the organization’s technical project work. In fact, you would jump at the chance if offered an opportunity for permanent employment with this company.  

Simply put, some IT organizations use temporary gigs to see if a candidate is productive and fits in with their other employees. Ultimately, these contract assignments provide a great opportunity for you to build a full-time tech career. Let’s look at a few tips on how to make it happen! 

Treat Your Temp Gig Like a Permanent Position  

If you show up to work each day treating your contract assignment like a permanent position, expect your managers to notice. Arriving early and staying late while always giving an extra measure of effort is the right approach. Displaying enthusiasm, engagement, and keen technical chops also helps toward earning a job offer. In short, make yourself an irreplaceable member of the team. 

Dress For Success  

When starting your temporary assignment, be sure to dress professionally. After determining the dress code in the office, try to match it at the minimum. Pay close attention to your personal hygiene as well. Remember, you want to be thought of as a permanent employee, not just a temp. 

Research Everything About The Company  

When interviewing for an IT job, researching the company in question is a wise strategy to illustrate your true interest in the position. Follow a similar tack when on a tech assignment. Use your research to ask your managers meaningful questions about the organization, its culture and future. This shows how much you care. 

Display an Ability to Learn New Things Quickly  

Tech companies want employees who learn things quickly, be it a new DevOps automation tool or the latest version of an IDE. This is your chance to shine. Burn the midnight oil to learn everything about the technology stack at this company. It’s another great way to position yourself as a valued IT professional. 

Building Relationships is Also Important  

Be sure to foster relationships with your managers and coworkers. In addition to improving your chances at a job offer, you also get to grow your professional network. The latter pays dividends throughout any technology career. 

Ready to move your career forward?

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