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What Do I Do If I’m Not Challenged Enough at Work?

Technology career development becomes easier when you are consistently challenged on the job. This helps you learn the latest tech skills and new methodologies to enable your growth as a professional. The same concept applies to gaining additional responsibility, especially if you want to move into management someday. 

What follows are a few insights on how to approach asking for additional responsibilities or challenges in your current position. Perhaps a one-on-one meeting with your manager is in order? It’s the best way to put your IT career on the fast track.  

Simply Ask For More Responsibility From Your Boss  

The best technology managers are proactive and typically champion an open communication policy with their direct reports. If this is the case with you, chances are good your boss regularly meets with you to discuss your recent efforts on projects and longer-term progress on meeting your career goals.  

Use this opportunity as a chance to ask for either more responsibility on your projects or a chance to learn a new innovative tech skill. This is a case where the squeaky wheel gets the grease. If your boss feels you possess management potential, maybe you’ll get a chance to lead the next effort? They also might send you to a training class to learn a new skill. 

Learn a New Tech Skill on Your Own Time  

Speaking of acquiring new tech abilities, also make the effort to learn a new IT skill on your own time. There is a multitude of cheap or inexpensive ways to learn a new programming language or automation tool. Try to pick up something relevant to your duties at work.  

If you find something new able to improve efficiency, it reflects well on your initiative and vision. Expect your managers to take notice. 

Self-Motivation is The Key to a Successful Technology Career  

In the end, motivating yourself is the key to being more challenged at work. Career coach John Addison commented on this approach. “I am a firm believer of how important it is to constantly sharpen your edge as a person, so instead of approaching your job as ‘another day here,’ talk to your boss, look for new projects, and find ways to improve and raise your energy level,” said Addison.  

Schedule a meeting with your manager to see about gaining additional responsibility and/or training.  

Take your career to the next level. 

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