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Back to Work – What to Expect in a Post-COVID World

As the economy slowly recovers from the Coronavirus pandemic, technology professionals are also getting back to work. In fact, many stayed employed throughout the lockdown by telecommuting – a practice expected to become the new normal for the IT world. So in a post-COVID 19 tech industry, are your days of commuting into an office numbered?

Let’s take a closer look at some of the changes affecting the IT world in the wake of the pandemic. Use this information to better prepare for any alterations to your career due to the Coronavirus. Whatever happens, keeping a positive attitude remains essential.

Working From Home Becomes Commonplace in IT?

The technology industry is generally immune to economic downturns, and IT companies stayed engaged throughout the pandemic by instituting work from home policies. The early returns are positive, as many of these organizations maintained or even increased their productivity levels during this period. Consider the costs businesses spend on office space, it’s reasonable to assume telecommuting might become a permanent policy throughout the industry.

If you haven’t done so already, make the effort to craft a home office where you able to stay focused on your job duties without distractions. An office with a door is a definite plus, as regular videoconferences with your coworkers are to be expected when telecommuting on a regular basis.

Taking on Additional Responsibilities?

Even while numerous tech organizations remained open during the pandemic, there’s no denying a subsequent economic downturn might lead to some job losses within the industry. If this happens at your organization, be prepared to take on additional responsibilities for your employer. Remember that flexibility is valued throughout the IT world, so learning a few new skills to handle any new job duties is a good idea.

Searching For a New Job After The Pandemic

Since some tech companies are going to be forced to cut positions after the pandemic, you might end up unemployed. If you happen to lose your job, some advice on searching for a new gig in a post-COVID-19 world is warranted.

Thankfully, as more companies embrace telecommuting, there are many more opportunities for IT professionals boasting in-demand skills, like machine learning or information security. Simply put, these organizations no longer limit their candidate pool to their local region. Keep this in mind when searching for interesting companies to ply your trade.

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