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How a Staffing Firm Can Find The Right Fit During High Unemployment

The economic downturn due to the Coronavirus pandemic caused unemployment rates higher than any time since the Great Depression. If your organization needs to find the right tech talent, this process becomes more difficult with more candidates looking for work. Still, the right hiring decision is a must, as making the wrong hire is a costly proposition for nearly all businesses. 

 Let’s take a closer look at a few insights and advice when searching for fresh talent in an era of historically high unemployment. Obviously, changes to your organization’s staffing plan are likely in order. Also, remember that partnering with an experienced IT staffing agency remains a great option when sourcing great tech candidates.  

Managing a Higher Number of Candidates  

Arguably the biggest change when recruiting during a time of high unemployment is the massive increase in the number of candidates for your open position. Your HR team suffers when parsing through potentially hundreds of résumés. It doesn’t have to be this way. 

When working with an experienced technical staffing agency, they are able to provide only the best candidates for your team to interview. Simply put, the staffing agency removes the chaff from the wheat. This approach saves time and money while ensuring you hire someone who makes a great fit in your office.  

Take Advantage of a Wider Candidate Pool For Specific In-Demand Skills  

If your company instituted a permanent telecommuting policy after the pandemic, you are no longer limited to candidates within your own area. This situation provides a great opportunity for sourcing tech talent for certain in-demand skills, like mobile development or cybersecurity. Of course, your staffing agency partner might already know of a few candidates that already meet your specific needs. 

Removing Unemployment Bias From Your Company’s Staffing Process  

Some great candidates recently became unemployed due to the pandemic. If your organization tends to disregard these tech professionals because of “unemployment bias,” perhaps it’s time to reconsider? Look past any gaps in their work history and focus on how their skillset and tangible experience fits with the profile of your ideal candidate. 

Partner With a Great Technology Staffing Agency  

Once again, a partnership with a top-notch staffing agency is a smart call when hiring during times of high unemployment. Their wisdom and robust collection of previously vetted candidates help you focus on running your company instead of reading an endless amount of résumés.  

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